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Every set of wheels are unique
Built by hand in Switzerland

Swiss precision, handmade to customer specifications


Geröll wheelsets not only add the best possible finishing touch to a bike, but guarantee optimum performance for you and your bike.

We offer a no obligation consultation on your specific needs.

The wheel has already been invented, but with Geröll it can be improved to bring out the best possible performance.


Geröll wheelsets are built by hand here in Switzerland using only the best available materials and components.

Producing the perfect wheel requires the combination of the best possible materials and componer and years of experience of wheel building and bike sport knowledge.

Together with top performance components, comes the mechanical and aesthetic values, to create outstanding wheelsets. To produce such products, to customer specifications, requires time, skill, and knowledge. The result of this though, are light, stiff and fast wheels, which are also visually first-rate.

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